My Story:
Speaking My Truth

They say there are two sides to every story, and I’ve come to realize this is also true of mine. Sometimes I feel like there are two different pieces of my identity. Two contrasting parts that determine the way I move, and make me who I am.

Put together, these two halves are what

make me feel whole

I’m an extrovert and a performer at heart. I feel incredibly powerful on the dance floor, rocking red lips and fishnets. When I’m on stage with a group of women, moving unapologetically through intricate movements I choreographed myself, I feel like a badass and no one can knock me down. I aim to bring this confidence to everything I do. I always strive to be the hardest-working woman in the room.

And then there’s this other side of me that loves to turn inwards. I treasure my time alone, when I can reflect and explore my own movement without anyone watching. I make a conscious effort to go back to the basics. I love teaching women the foundations of movement, including how to use their inner core muscles, and the importance of breathing and finding stillness in a world that constantly feels chaotic and rushed.

I believe movement is the key to a

strong and healthy life.

And I’ve witnessed firsthand what it’s like to lose the ability to move freely. Recently, I watched my dad go through a battle with cancer. He’s a true survivor and the strongest man I know, but he’s lost a lot of mobility and strength in his body. My dad is a driving force behind my mission to educate others on how to move their bodies in an impactful way.

This is why I became a movement educator. I believe it’s my responsibility to give others—especially women—the tools to live a strong and confident life.

I teach Pilates because I want the women, dancers and moms who take my classes to feel good in their bodies and move confidently for years and decades to come.

Movement helped me find my voice.

Growing up, I was a shy kid with a bad stutter. I didn’t talk very much and I remember being taken out of class to go to speech therapy. I had a hard time communicating and looking people in the eye.

Then I discovered dance. It felt empowering and allowed me to finally connect at a time when connection felt hard. Dancing quickly became a form of movement that gave me confidence and brought me joy. I’ve now come to realize it’s what helped formed my five core values: confidence, touch, creativity, emotion and freedom.


is my first language.

It’s my favourite way of communicating. It means letting your body do the talking. It means expressing yourself in a physical way.

To me, movement is all around us.

It’s in the wind, the blood in our veins, it’s in the emotions we feel throughout the day. When we start to get out of our heads and into our bodies, we’re able to see that everything is connected and movement really is a way of life.

And this is the perspective I bring into every class I teach.

I’m not just here to make you sweat – I’m here to help you train for a better future. I’m here to help you move the way you were meant to.

I believe when you feel confident in who you are, you can do anything!

And the world needs more women who feel empowered to stand tall, move boldly and use their voices.

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